My First Blog Post!

I have been wanting to get started on a bookish blog for some time, and this title seemed the perfect one for my first blogged book review!

The OMG Blog by Karen McCombie  


Like in my favourite teen film, The Breakfast Club, detention can throw together a group of youngsters with very different backgrounds.

In this new book by Karen McCombie, we see 4 girls in their first weeks of secondary school being flung together and then working together on a blogging project.  Their developing friendship has them each see their mums through the eyes of others and in a new light.

I loved the way the characters – of the girls and the mums – gradually unfold and the friendships strengthen.  It is a very realist portrayal of settling into a new school and building friendships, through a light-hearted storyline.

As a Barrington Stoke ‘Conkers’ publication, this is an easier to read novel-length book for ‘tweens’ (9-13), with a layout which is fun, but easy on the eye.  The dedication to a former reluctant reader perfectly reflects Barrington Stoke’s ethic of making reading accessible and fun.  The book is dyslexia friendly and has some wise words about online safety at the end.

I’d certainly recommend it to both reluctant and keen readers, especially those just transferring to Secondary school.