Swimming to the Moon – Jane Elson

I was really looking forward to reading Jane’s third novel and I was certainly not disappointed.  I love her knack with emotions and her style.

Bee has a sadness and loneliness about her. Her fatherSwimming to the Moon cover91746-medium has a negative attitude to her and to family life, her mum seems oppressed and Bee is finding it difficult to recover from the death of the great-grandmother who seemed to have loved and understood her best.
Life in her small village isn’t easy for her since she fell out with her best friend, who is now the school’s Miss Popular.  Then a new boy starts at their school. Their friendship grows very quickly, based around each promising to help the other overcome their secret problems. When the mayor tries to get rid of the local ‘witch’, who has become important to Bee, the villagers are in for a new way of thinking….

I loved this book, the chapter structures, the language, the character development, the figure-of-eight shaped village, and most of all, Bee, as she gains in confidence under the supportive eye of those who show her they care.


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