Robyn Silver – The Midnight Chimes

A fun MG adventure – the start of an exciting new series by Paula Harrison

Published by Scholastic UK 01/09/2016

Robyn Silver cover Paula Harrison

The first in an exciting new series by Paula Harrison, this book release coincides with the first day of term at Hogwarts, and features a school of children, 3 of whom discover they have magical powers and abilities.  And it has a fabulously well-read youngster who made me think of Hermione Granger!

Clumsy middle child Robyn is convinced nothing exciting can happen in her life until she sees a mysterious spiny creature and realises that her family can’t see it.  Sharing the news with her best friend Aiden coincides with their realisation that their school has suffered a freak tree-falling incident.

Being moved out to the local creepy mansion, the wonderfully named Grimdean House, is the start of a series of adventures, challenges and revelations for Robyn, Aiden and the very bright Nora from the year below them.  Can Robyn learn to fight with unusual weapons against weird creatures and monsters – and a rival group of youngsters with special powers?

I thoroughly enjoyed this book and can imagine many 7-11 year-olds being gripped by the adventure and the characters.  I particularly liked the sly and slithery Miss Smiting – and the realisation of what she is!

It’s great to know that this is the start of a new series, with more mysteries and adventure to come next year!

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